Inchcape BMW

A design centred on data and user journeys to increase conversions

About Inchcape BMW

Inchcape is one of the leading franchised retailer groups in the UK, partnering many of the Worlds best brands including, Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Web Design


The current Inchcape brands are not uniform the designs are dated and key call to actions are hidden making the user journeys confusing.


A complete overall of the brand to make each dealership uniform, deep analysis of user data enabled us to create wireframes that were modular and easily allow us to create a mobile site as well as CRO testing

My Role

Wireframing and Visual design presenting ideas and meeting with the client

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Sheffield College

My process

With web and mobile technology becoming more advanced its good to have a process!

Project planning

Assessing the client's needs as well as looking at the client brief is vital to a successful project.

Design & Development

Design is more than just visuals it's the whole user experience so finding the best solution and using the best technologies are vital.


Test & launch

Web sites need testing you don't want unexpected bugs cropping up, that goes for mobile too!

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