A new web and mobile presence for South Yorkshire Housing Association

About SYHA

South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) is a charitable organisation managing more than 6,000 homes and supporting hundreds of people to lead independent lives. We are a proud member of the Placeshapers organisation, delivering quality local living across the Sheffield City Region.

Mobile Web Design


SYHA came to us wanting a fresh new web and mobile presence incorporating their new branding.


Using information collected from the current user base, we were able to design and build a solution tailored to the user's needs enabling them to find the most important content while allowing other information to be easily assessable

My Role

Asses the design breif and create wireframes base on user journeys and existing users, Design the visual style using th brand guidlines for South Yorkshire Housing Association

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My process

With web and mobile technology becoming more advanced its good to have a process!

Project planning

Assessing the client's needs as well as looking at the client brief is vital to a successful project.

Design & Development

Design is more than just visuals it's the whole user experience so finding the best solution and using the best technologies are vital.


Test & launch

Web sites need testing you don't want unexpected bugs cropping up, that goes for mobile too!

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